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Pastor, Illinois
Having been personally involved with the Living Free ministry from its early days I can wholeheartedly endorse the vision of Dr. Jimmy Lee. Living Free provides another end time strategy for global evangelism ... Living Free in Arabic is of utmost importance for the 21st century, an effort that will result in huge Kingdom benefits. We are pleased to prayerfully and financially support this ministry.

Missionary to Colombia
Four churches wanted to start the [Living Free] groups in a city near the coast of Colombia. … We had a wonderful time together …. They shared openly and that was really the beginning of something very beautiful. As the week went on, it was wonderful to see how the Spirit was moving, how they cared for each other … They said that as [a] church they had been longing for something like this. Something that would help them talk about important issues of life.

For me it was a wonderful experience. We had a lot of those “holy moments” when God was so present and love was so real. And I just wanted you to know! Living Free is a wonderful ministry and I love being a small part of it!

Former Missionary to Lebanon
Living Free provides exactly the sort of material which churches of the Arab Middle East need for evangelism and discipleship of people in one of the neediest and most misunderstood areas of the world.

Pastor Andrês Bunch, El Pacto, Bogotá, Colombia
I want to reiterate our gratitude to our God and you for the “Living Free” ministry since it has been a great blessing for pastors, deacons, elders, leaders and members of our church as well as other churches that are working with our ministry bringing healing, restoration, and spiritual and numerical growth.

Living Free, France
More and more I realize the needs in the churches and how powerful and effective is Living Free. Yes, the Lord is using His Word, His Spirit and His people to bless and build His church.

Pastor, France
In a church about 150 persons have been in different small groups such as Insight and Concerned Persons. The pastor said: “most of those people have been transformed and I can see more and more the benefit of those small groups not only in the groups but also in the church because of the positive influence those people have today on the other church members.”

Director of Teen Challenge, Macedonia
During 5, 6 years of working with Turning Point, we saw a great openness from the secular society. Because if you go in the name of the church, in trying to reach people, in our settlement it takes 10 to 15 years. But in promoting Turning Point, and help with their life-controlling problems, you get people’s attention like this, and we have so many great testimonies about Turning Point ministry. For me personally, except the rehab program, I think this is the key to reaching the people in our country. We have a top doctor attending Turning Point training seminar, and he was listening only a couple of hours, and his statement was, “What I hear now, this is the key to changing our country. Publish it everywhere.”

Pastor, Russia
I’m a regional representative for Teen Challenge coalition and also I’m a pastor. When we first started to work on rehabilitation of drug addicts and alcohol, and from the very beginning we encountered problems [and] challenges in working with codependent people and family members. This Turning Point material was the answer to our questions and our prayers. I myself started to work with Turning Point material. We started first small groups, and I thought I know all about small groups and this ministry of small groups as a pastor. But when I started to teach those small groups, I realized that I was starting to change myself. … Now we have several teams … working with small groups for people with different life-controlling problems. Our vision is to have all people in our church to go through these groups, and not just people in the church but those who have just come to faith, new converts. We are planning to use this material to reach out to the community and help people, nonbelievers, to overcome their problems. We do have many testimonies of lives being changed as a result of the Turning Point materials. The greatest testimony probably is that people that lead the groups, they are growing in their faith.

Pastor, Russia
As a pastor, and my senior pastor, we are in favor of this [Living Free] program because we see how people in the church [are] becoming more spiritually grounded and they are becoming more mature in the way they want to help and they want to reach out. And also, we are using this curriculum with parents of drug addicts, those who are codependent. And then in turn, all these relatives, they never know about the church … they never knew about the Christian faith before. Now they are becoming church members. It helps them to grow. It helps them to mature in faith because they start understanding the principles of God’s kingdom.

Missionary, Lithuania
About 95% of the people who go through the Teen Challenge program in Lithuania came to Christ in the [Living Free] Insight Group.

Teen Challenge, Poland
I am glad I can report that the Turning Point ministry is growing in our country. For now we have in Polish only the Insight Group. Nine groups in different churches we already finished and 16 are ongoing. Most of them are connected with the Coffee House Ministry (not all). We see more and more churches start to be interested in having the TP groups.

Short-term missionary, Uganda
Just a quick note to let you know we visited the prison day before yesterday to "graduate" people from the Peacemaking course. Hopefully I'll be able to bring you a video of the event.  A news spot about it was put on Ugandan television and prisoners' testimonies will run over several weeks on the radio!  Even a deputy commander in the prison gave a testimony -- big doings! …

We gave out 208 certificates.  Other students are currently in the class cycle, so in a few weeks more will graduate, and so on. We gave certificates to people on death row, in maximum security, medium security and the women's prison.  It was a glorious day!  There was a palpable sense of the power of the gospel to change lives that one rarely experiences among "better behaved" populations. 

Thanks so much for your service to God, which is service to the Ugandan nation!

Living Free Coordinator, Russia
Three weeks ago we began a Turning Point group for men only. ... God is strongly touching the men and many of them are open. As you know, Russian men very seldom at all show tears or weakness, but in this group everyone cries. One man told me yesterday that the day after the group met, he went to his father and asked forgiveness and his father forgave him. He said that for the first time in their lives, he and his father embraced and his father told him through tears, "I want to be in your church, son."

Don Wilkerson, Founder and former Executive Director of Global Teen Challenge
I am amazed as to how TP/LF has spread around the world. I also just wanted to take this opportunity to say what a great tool TP was for Global Teen Challenge during my years as founder and Executive Director.

Bill L. Williams, Director, Eastern Europe/CIS, LIFE Publishers International
We believe strongly in the ministry of Turning Point and its effectiveness on the mission field.

Pastor, Colombia
Finding identity in Christ has been the turning point of this program [Living Free]. The Christian church in Sibate is so thankful for this tool, especially me as a pastor. We have seen how many people have changed, even Christians. … When we implemented this program, our church experienced a new and contagious enthusiasm. … We are running Free Life [Living Free] in all the ministries, being a great blessing. In the name of Jesus Christ we thank Free Life for supporting us and encouraging us to fulfill the will of God and the great commission given by the Lord.

Beatriz Bunch, Colombia
The Living Free ministry has become both for our church and rehab work a place where many people, men and women, young and old, have been able to get to know themselves better and understand the depths of their spiritual life. But most of all, it has become this place of freedom where everyone learns more about Christ and achieving His character.

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  • Testimony from Rwanda

    God does heal the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds (Psalm 147:3). Read the following testimony we received today regarding today's Living Free Every Day devotion provided by Living Free ministries.

    "Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Thank you so much for the message of forgiveness. Jesus Christ recommend us to forgive if we want to be forgiven. For us Rwandans, we are experiencing forgiveness and now we are free from the bondage of unforgiveness. When you forgive, even physically, you are released. I am telling you this because I have forgiven those who killed my parents and relatives. But, ask to be led by the Holy Spirit who will enable you to forgive those who sin against you."


    Jean de Dieu

    Rwanda- Central Africa

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