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 Living Free Coordinator, Minnesota
Through Living Free we have trained a great many leaders. … My mission that Christ has put before me is to train all leaders and small group facilitators in Living Free, Insight and Concerned Persons. We have noticed that the people who have gone through those courses have become active, productive, and an influence on new believers coming into [our church]. As I have said before—it works if you work it. Don’t change it.

Living Free Coordinator, Minnesota
Living Free is a vital part in training our leadership and congregation to keep our vision in our small groups in one accord with Christ as the center. Living Free has given our ministry people who know how to deal with life-controlling issues in their lives and the lives of others. The most important part is that it is relevant for today and teaches how to apply the Word of God, not just the knowledge of the Word. … We have adopted the Living Free material as a vital part of our training of leaders in our church. Our church has been blessed by the material in the growth of our congregation and the realization that it is truly for everyone.

Living Free Coordinator, Minnesota
We use the Living Free curriculum in a variety of ways. It is for everyone with [the] intention of leading a small group in our church, but also it is for outreach in our community to reach out to those who either have a life-controlling issue or know of someone who has a life-controlling issue. To introduce others to what we offer as small groups to get themselves plugged into a church. All our leaders [and] staff are required to go through the course. We offer one-day [Living Free training] seminars, two-day seminars, or [a]10-week course. Each will bring what Jesus wants of us all, to go into the world and make disciples. It is building lay leaders, which in turn builds lasting relationships with Jesus and within the church.

We have used the Living Free curriculum with great success and have set it up as required to those who aspire to be leaders. It has grown our congregation to know each other in a more intimate and trusting way. We have more people who now have someone to talk to if anything arises in their lives that comes between Christ and the righteous life He has set for us.

Pastor, North Carolina
What keeps on ministering to me is that there [are] a freshness and non-dated current application for all of the resources Turning Point has produced. That has to be the Lord leading you in the development and use of Christ-centered small group studies. Your commitment to stay focused and not to be drawn into every passing church fad has secured your ministry and kept it on track.

Living Free Coordinator, Illinois
The material is so incredible as it opens each participant’s eyes to the practical application of the Scripture. God’s Word is a lamp inside the curriculum. It illuminates everything that is written. Jesus is glorified and I can honestly say this is a ministry that raises a standard of truth and transparency. Sometimes I am simply blown away by what God is doing through Living Free.

…I eat, drink and sleep Living Free. Why? Because it works.

Church Publication, Illinois
Ever felt like something was getting in your way? Maybe it was an issue from your past…a habit you couldn’t break…a roadblock hindering your relationship with God that perhaps you couldn’t even identify.

Over the last two years, more than 300 people at [our church] have decided to break free from such hindrances by joining the Living Free Ministry and are now experiencing freedom in ways they’ve never known before!

A common misconception is that Living Free is strictly for “those” people with “serious” problems like drug and alcohol addictions. The truth is, Living Free addresses a wide range of issues such as anger, worry, depression, controlling others, bad habits, relationship trouble, gossip, gambling, lying, unforgiveness, overwork, a poor father image, perfectionism, need for approval, alcohol or drug dependencies, obsessions, overspending, materialism, food issues…whew! Get the idea? Most Christians can find themselves somewhere in that list!

Pastor, Florida
Our church has about 300 attenders and has been greatly blessed by the Living Free curriculum. We have seen many positive changes in the past year. Every part of our congregation has been affected. We have had separate Insight groups for men, women, men and women, boys, girls, and couples. There is a new sense of community and collaboration between young and old, male and female, and married and single. Not only do people see their need for spiritual growth, they are shown how. One particularly meaningful comment was made by a new convert: “Insight has shown me how to live the Christian life.” Another common comment is “I feel safe and loved.” Others share things and get relief of matters that have been bottled up for a lifetime. Leaders have emerged who previously were letting their talents lie dormant.

Pastor, California
Turning Point Ministries has been a real catalyst in helping us to mature as a local church and to carry the message of hope to our community. God is doing a great thing through you and your staff. Thank you for all the wonderful materials and support.

Pastor, Illinois
It has been my privilege for the past eight months to oversee the Living Free Ministry here at RFA. This new ministry is having an incredible, positive impact on many lives, young and old. I think most believers agree that all of us need to be set free in certain areas of our lives. Ask anyone who has gone through Living Free and they will quickly tell you it has been a time of spiritual growth, giving them more tools with which to work toward becoming a mature Christian than they had ever imagined. … This powerful ministry … helps people to understand themselves better and follow the Lord more closely.

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    The data confirms the effectiveness of Living Free because of what God is doing through His Word, His Spirit and His people. The data reflects that no matter the location or facilitator, lives are being transformed and families restored by God through many local Living Free and Living Free Community ministries. We give God all the glory!


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  • Testimony from Rwanda

    God does heal the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds (Psalm 147:3). Read the following testimony we received today regarding today's Living Free Every Day devotion provided by Living Free ministries.

    "Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Thank you so much for the message of forgiveness. Jesus Christ recommend us to forgive if we want to be forgiven. For us Rwandans, we are experiencing forgiveness and now we are free from the bondage of unforgiveness. When you forgive, even physically, you are released. I am telling you this because I have forgiven those who killed my parents and relatives. But, ask to be led by the Holy Spirit who will enable you to forgive those who sin against you."


    Jean de Dieu

    Rwanda- Central Africa

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