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To access the Living Free Directory, please click the Listing of Locations Button above for ministries using Living Free material:   It is our prayer that people desperate for help will search this directory to find a place of help and hope close to their community. This list consists of churches, non-residential recovery ministries, jail ministries, pregnancy centers, rescue missions, residential recovery ministries, dream centers and other types of ministries. We are so thankful... Read More...

Living Free Outcomes Results

Please click below for Living Free Outcomes Research:

The data confirms the effectiveness of Living Free because of what God is doing through His Word, His Spirit and His people. The data reflects that no matter the location or facilitator, lives are being transformed and families restored by God through many local Living Free and Living Free Community ministries. We give God all the glory!


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Lead Pastor of Megachurch Endorses Living Free

Click here to listen in on Lead Pastor John Lindell of James River Assembly in Ozark, Missouri sharing the reason why the Living Free discipleship program works.

To hear the full message, go to www.jamesriver.org and click on the "Messages and Resources" menu and find the message titled "Faith and Freedom."

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Introducing an Updated Curriculum From Living Free

Coping w Losses of Life Fac cvr_final
Introducing an updated topic from Living Free. Many people have been encouraged by the Living Free curriculum titled "Handling Loss & Grief." This small group material has helped many people deal with the death of a loved-one or friend. In a new version of this material, Donald Pratt, Ph.D. explores the idea of helping people cope with not only death, but a host of other losses in life in this new workbook called, "Coping With the Losses of Life." This new workbook gives a broader look at loss and provides tools for all of us on how to deal with many different types of loss. According to Dr. Pratt, many people begin their journey down the long road of addiction and life-controlling problems as a result of loss. Also, many people relapse because of the lack of coping skills when loss enters their life. Loss can include but is not limited to death, failed relationships, bankruptcy, being passed over for a promotion, loss of employment and many others. This small group curriculum has been designed to fulfill the requirements for research-based and evidence-based curriculum. Everyone will experience some type of loss during their lifetime. Although some handle loss better than others, being prepared is beneficial to everyone in learning how to cope with loss. The small group study sessions found in this comprehensive workbook will help participants identify the losses we have all suffered in life and understand the impact ehese losses have on the way we live. The pain of loss often pushes people toward self-destructive choices. The goal of this book is to identify the negative impacts of our losses, choose to deal with them in constructive ways, an discover how to live a fulfilling life. Order your copies by clicking on the Online Store Tab at the top of this page.

Families Everywhere Are Suffering. Help Us?

This is a God-sized goal, but this and more is possible as we work together to empower Christians everywhere to bring gospel-centered solutions to persons struggling with life’s problems. Read the entire letter from Dan Strickland on livingfreecommunity.org
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