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To access the Living Free Directory, please click the Listing of Locations Button above for ministries using Living Free material:   It is our prayer that people desperate for help will search this directory to find a place of help and hope close to their community. This list consists of churches, non-residential recovery ministries, jail ministries, pregnancy centers, rescue missions,... Read More...

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The data confirms the effectiveness of Living Free because of what God is doing through His Word, His Spirit and His people. The data reflects that no matter the location or facilitator, lives are being transformed and families restored by God through many local Living Free and Living Free Community ministries. We give God all the glory!

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Click here to listen in on Lead Pastor John Lindell of James River Assembly in Ozark, Missouri sharing the reason why the Living Free discipleship program works.

To hear the full message, go to www.jamesriver.org and click on the "Messages and Resources" menu and find the message titled "Faith and Freedom."

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Living Free Is Helping Marriages

Living Free has ministry tools available to help unite and strengthen marriages and families. A couple that recently completed the Insight Group shared how God is strengthening their marriage: "God as tuned our hearts to overhear one another’s prayers with love, and the Lord has healed some deeply personal sin in each of us, allowing us to minister God’s mercy to one another. Now we are actively seeking to agree—not just with each other, but first and foremost to agree with Jesus Christ about every aspect of our lives. Living Free has ushered in a new season of growth, joy, and renewed commitment in our marriage and our family like nothing else ever has. We each have had personal breakthroughs as well." Check out our helpful resource called "Committed Couples" available in our eStore.
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